Tattered Words & Graffitied Hearts – Intro

After finishing the introduction short to Syntax & Alchemy, I began writing a piece for the opening of Tattered Words & Graffitied Hearts. Whereas the former was written in a matter of hours, the latter required a bit of stirring in the crock pot of my mind before coming to a shimmer, and after three days of piecemeal writing, it has been added (follow the links for the shorts).

Again, whereas Syntax & Alchemy (SA) centers on the fantastical and magical, Tattered Words & Graffitied Hearts (TWGH) revolves around a noir, Casablanca-style of smoking cigarettes, copious amounts of rain, and unhappy endings; so their division on the site is more than just clever.

Next in the progression is an introduction for From Which We Grow which will include my childhood archives – poems, stories, and outlines that I have amassed during my brief 26-year flicker on this rock. After those are finished, then I’ll share the overall angle from which I’m seeing how these pages and their stories will be presented.

Oh yes, there is a method to the madness.

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