Unspoken – Added

Nameless Nights continues with the addition of ‘Unspoken’. I have written almost a dozen entries thus far for the collection and I’m beginning to realize that it may very well just become a writing exercise, an adventure in creativity.

The characters are ever growing and the story line has begun to streak into science fiction noir. I think it best not to take it very seriously, writing and reading the story at face value. It is within Nameless Nights that I can experiment with tricks, trades, and styles, a testing ground for prototypes that may see the light of day in other fictional incarnations.

That is the possible thought and it may alter in the coming days, being that I have a nasty habit of changing my mind in the midst of creative fornication. Stay on the watch.

‘Unspoken’ has also been added to the pages of my digital peer-review on Bookcountry.

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