Reading: The Hunger Games – Part One

It’s no secret that I read at evolution’s pace.

And that my nightstand has stacked upon it NeuromancerThe Night CircusStardustAmerican Gods, and The October Country – I’m like the Derek Jeter of books, I’m a novelizer.

Well, add another emotionally empty, sexually fueled tryst to the stack - Hunger Games is on her way up.

I am not one to read Young Adult Fiction – mainly due to its plight of poor writing and one-size-fits-all plots – but a friend of mine has lent me Hunger Games on the promise that I finish the first book.

The trade-off is that I get to choose a book for my friend to read; I haven’t decided if I’m going to torture her or provide a piece of fantastic literature.

I will provide a non-bias, open mind to the novel (I have seen the movie). If it turns out to be well-written and exciting piece of prose, then I will let it be known here with an in-depth opinion.

I hesitate to call it a review because I’m not a critic and can only apply my personal feelings.

I have been “forewarned” that Collins’ writing style is simple and, at times, sloppy, which is the bane of my existence.

But there’s only one way to find out.

When I wake up, the other side of the bed is cold.

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2 thoughts on “Reading: The Hunger Games – Part One

  1. hannahkarena

    1st: Night Circus is amazing. Go read it immediately.
    2nd: You pretty much gave me a heart attack when I read “mainly due to its plight of poor writing and one-size-fits-all plots.” I have much say on this topic, but I think it all boils down to this one major rebuttal:


    Just stay away from the YA paranormal romance (which, as a subgenre, probably fulfills your above stereotype) and there are some really really amazing YA books out there. For example, did you know I Am the Messenger and Book Thief are YA? Amazing. They’ll sweep you off your feet.

    1. G.P. Merwede Post author

      It was a sweeping generalization, I’ll admit. I just can’t seem to get through much YA. It’s harder to pinpoint than just “poor writing”, which, for me, covers sentence structure, grammar, prose, etc – the whole nine.

      I think you should definitely voice your opinions about YA! I’d love to read them and see what your overall thoughts are on the topic.

      I am 200 pages deep in the Night Circus, when I finish I will definitely share my thoughts, but I am currently undecided.


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