The Rescues and Their Own Label

After all of this talk about Kickstarter and Pubslush, both of which digitally engage people in asking for monetary support for projects and books, I thought it fitting to share a specific project.

The Rescues, an independent “supergroup” out of Los Angeles, are following in Amanda Palmer’s footsteps and looking to their fans in financing the packaging and distribution of their next album.

They are raising money through Pledge Music – offering several different gifts for different donation amounts. Currently, they are 72% to target with 59 days remaining, which proves their message is being heard and that their fans really do give a damn.

The reason for their decision to self-produce is that pressures from their label almost tore The Rescues apart, and they made the choice to remove the middleman so that they could continue to make music on their own terms.

A choice that is becoming ever more prevalent in music and publishing; a marvelous choice.

The digital world has not only connected artists of every kind to their fans in a way that was never before possible, but it’s allowing for the removal of more bricks from the wall.

The wall is still high and it is still deep, but there is light somewhere.

And I urge you to donate to your favorite project or cause to help spread that light.

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