Summer Reading Flowchart has released a terrific flowchart depicting dozens of choices from fiction to non-fiction and every genre, sub-genre, and fusion-genre in between; 101 picks in all.

It is written in a contemporary manner as to relate to the newest generation of readers – spicing it up with phrases such as “Don’t Bite Me Bro” and leading you to I Am Legend – and also for those who just need a new novel for those beach and margarita days of the summer.

There’s perhaps a bit too many “classic” titles – I prefer more contemporary picks, especially for younger kids – but it is an altogether fantastic graphic.

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2 thoughts on “Summer Reading Flowchart

  1. Claire 'Word by Word'

    Love it, I agree, I did have to scroll down a long way to find the contemporary section, but pleased to see a few I already have including ‘A Night to Remember’ which I picked up last week in Northern Ireland while visiting the Titanic Belfast museum.

    1. G.P. Merwede Post author

      It’s always a perk-up moment when you notice that you have a number of the books that they recommend – helps me realize that I may actually be moving in the right direction.


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