Query Letter Breakdown

Pub Rants is a website operated by literary agent Kristin Nelson, who is located in Colorado.

She shares her publishing industry experiences and offers an insight into a world that is frustrating to those of us who are not yet involved with it.

One of these posts – albeit six years old – has Kristin breaking down a query letter sent into her by an aspiring author.

I wouldn’t put much weight on the age of the post, being that the way literary agents process manuscripts most probably hasn’t changed, but I would take notes as to how to approach a literary agent.

Especially when they are hustling every day and running tired eyes over hundreds of manuscripts. You would love to believe that they devote the same amount of time and attention to every aspiring author, but that just isn’t fair to believe.

So it’s innumerably important to craft the right query letter for the right agent.

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