Interviewing & Writing

I am alive – I swear it, I really am.

I have been inundated with interviews for the past 14 days – dressing like a silk flower, wilting like an unwatered rose in the interrogation interview chair, leaving the building thinking “what the fuck just happened?”, and then finding the closest happy hour at 12pm on a Tuesday.

At the beginning of this two week process, I was considerably horrendous at summarizing my “skills” and “desires” – apparently you can’t tell them that you applied for the position because you want money, which is the first thing on your mind, yet the last thing you’re allowed to ask about.

Go figure.

But as I honed my bullshitting interview prowess, I became aware that these are skills needed by every successful writer.

You will need to be able to not only summarize yourself, but your characters and plot – if you can’t give a so-called “elevator pitch” about your manuscript, then you either aren’t prepared for the big show, or you don’t know your story well enough.

Taking it a step further, if you are unable to organize and vocalize your thoughts with agents, editors, publishers, and fans, you will be handcuffed by that inability – a socially awkward writer does not a marketable writer make.

There are obvious exceptions to this rule, especially considering that a great deal of successful writers are introverts – it’s why they became writers in the first place, right? But why not shift that status quo, transcend the industry?

There is plenty of space for rockstar writers – something that existed with the late-great Hunter S. Thompson and now tends to only be seen in movies and television (Californication, for example) – and I don’t see a reason why it shouldn’t change this decade, or this year.

Why can’t it be me? Why shouldn’t it be you?

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