Neil Gaiman Inking Children’s Books

If you are familiar with books, then you are most probably familiar with Neil Gaiman. If you prefer the dark, windy, and narrow paths that cut through graveyards and deserted train yards, then he may just be your favorite author.

And so today it was announced that Gaiman will be penning five children’s books for HarperCollins – three novels and two picture books.

It may not be the announcement many of us were hoping for – he is overdue for a pure adult novel; not to say that he isn’t in his alchemy lab surrounded by beakers and bubbling liquids forming a fresh piece of literary narcotic – but Gaiman has a tendency to write children’s books that have mature, dark themes to them (The Graveyard Book).

If you go to the announcement link and scroll to the comments you can throw yourself into that perpetual battle of “What’s the big deal with Neil Gaiman?”.

Aside from the fact that he’s rich and successful.

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4 thoughts on “Neil Gaiman Inking Children’s Books

      1. hannahkarena

        You’re in for a treat! I haven’t finished reading them all–I’m on #7–because it’s so hard to find copies in libraries to borrow. Though DC Comics is coming out with the very first “slipcover set” in November, if you can wait to buy them all (on amazon for $125 right now).

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