Rejection #7

It’s been awhile since I endured rejection.

*Cue Uproarious Applause*

I was beginning to get lonely from the lack of constructive criticism and downright open-ended lambasting of my writing skills. But fear not, for Every Day Fiction has remedied my loneliness.

They have a habit of spitting back my flash fiction – “Opium & Keats”, “Nothing But a Teenage Girl” – and have added “A Heart Without a Name” to their palette of woe. This marks the 7th rejection of my stories and gives me a batting average reminiscent of Jim Abbott – the one-handed major league pitcher.

The feedback for “A Heart Without a Name” was mixed, teetering between editors who enjoyed the prose and those who did not understand its noir style:

What great descriptive language, you really set the scene well. However, I’m not sure if this works written in first person narrative. Try using third person and see how it turns about. If you want to keep it in first person maybe you could use more active verbs.

Some competent prose here, although in general the description is a bit overwritten. Ex: “…expatriated egos entangled in the reckless affairs of the curfew-bereft city.” Moreover, I really don’t feel there’s enough story here to satisfy.

The remainder of the feedback can be found on the Submissions page.

As I have stated numerous times before, I don’t mind rejection – it’s part of becoming a better writer – especially when that rejection is accompanied by feedback. But it just so happens that the line “…expatriated egos entangled in the reckless affairs of the curfew-bereft city” is one of my personal favorites; so that won’t be edited anytime soon, or ever.

Now, at current count, I am awaiting a response from Vestal Review for “Opium & Keats” and Tor for “The Heartwood Queen”, the latter of which is expected in the fall. And with that, I should probably get to writing some new material that doesn’t suck.

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