Neuromancer: The Movie

I finished reading William Gibson’s Neuromancer last month and, despite it being a difficult read for me, the visuals of its world and characters come to life in your mind like a carnival set ablaze.

And now we may be able to feast our eyes on a world that is nearly 30 years-old.

Via GiantFreakinRobot:

A movie adaptation of William Gibson’s seminal cyberpunk opus Neuromancer has been in the works for years, passing from one potential creative team to the next. It’s currently in development with director Vincenzo Natali (Splice) at the helm. Now there’s another sign that the Neuromancer movie might finally gain some traction, with actors Mark Wahlberg and Liam Neeson in talks to star in the film.

I haven’t seen Splice, so I’m not certain if Vincenzo Natali is the right director for this movie; it will require a deft hand to balance characters, visuals, and story – and yet I have a sinking sensation that an entire flock of special effects artists are just going to vomit on the screen, relegating the story and characters to secondhand screen pluggers.

Hopefully it isn’t transformed into some sort of Bladerunner ripoff The Matrix, despite The Matrix borrowing wholesale from Neuromancer.

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