Personality Test Results

I mentioned my having to complete personality tests as a prerequisite for applying to multiple jobs.

These tests have been around for decades, but recently I have noticed an uptick in their usage for a number of companies. In the four years that I have been “out in the real world”, I never encountered one of these tests, yet now have taken three in the past week; just another brick in the wall on the path toward employment, I suppose.

I was always interested in the results of these tests, rather than the taking of them, and, by happenstance, one of these companies sent me my results.

Allow me to set the stage:

For the uninitiated, these tests are administered via an online portal and ask opinion questions that are straightforward, yet fully loaded within your answers. This test, in particular, consisted of two parts:

  1. Choose all of the words that describe how you believe others want you to act.
  2. Choose all of the words that describe how you actually act.

Both parts offered a choice of 100 adjectives that ranged from nice to demonstrative with each part containing the same list – it was like being in vocabulary nerd heaven – and once my selections were made, the test was over just as simply as it had begun.

And now, without further ado, this is what selecting a page of adjectives looks like on the other side:

Three pages of in-depth breakdowns from clicking on a variety of adjectives; absolutely flabbergasting. It’s a strange sensation to read about your personality as if you’re an appliance or some sort of futuristic clone – it has all the elements of a Philip K. Dick tale.

I won’t comment on whether or not I believe the assessment is accurate – although it’s a rather positive review at that – but I do wonder what kind of remarks are made about people who do poorly on the test.

Lazy-ass boondoggler; money for nothing, chicks for free.

3 thoughts on “Personality Test Results

    1. G.P. Merwede Post author

      I could see that as being plausible. I also have to believe that these tests are administered to weed out the people who are shortsighted enough to choose all of the selfish, single-minded adjectives over those which would demonstrate team skills and selflessness.

      Or I’m simply saying that in hopes that I didn’t outright flunk the damn thing.


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