Fable – Fiction – Fairytale: Amethysts

Fable – Fiction – Fairytale is comprised of a single photograph and the short tale that it inspired; although, sometimes reverse inspiration occurs. There is no specific genre or guidelines, allowing for each vignette to organically unfold within the setting of the photograph. There are also a handful of flash fiction pieces that were previously rejected by other websites, but found new life upon these pages.

Also, at the bottom of each page is a video of me reading each tale.

And without further ado, welcome to Fable – Fiction – Fairytale.

The amethysts spilled out of the darkness.

They jawed and split above the asphalt, pouring into our world like liquid irises. These colors were no normal slant of light – they were wholly unique, wholly unknown, spectrum phantoms stalking their rainbow kin.

Those standing beneath the amethysts’ seawater skin – midnight vagabonds and post-coitus nomads – ceased in their footsteps and dropped their jaws to the road.

The amethysts whipped their streaking tails and latched onto stoplights, lampposts, and headlights. They drained the life force from each mechanical monster like a symbiotic parasite feasting on its host. Colors rippled through the amethysts – white, red, green, yellow – until they were swallowed into oblivion by the insatiable hunger of these blue-streaked beasts.

Their gullets filled to the brim, the amethysts released their prey, which sparked like blown fuses and perished with an electric whimper. They were now the only light remaining in the darkness, save for the stars which cowered faintly in the distance. They whipped their tails and fluttered upward, huddling amongst one another as if sharing cryptic whispers. The largest of the amethysts peeked out of the circle with eyes of white-fire and seemed to share a mad grin with those watching below, humored by the reflection of itself in their frightened pupils.

And then a patch of sky unhinged like the mouth of a colossus, and just as suddenly as they appeared, the amethysts were swallowed back behind the curtain of night, leaving a colorless void where there once was light.

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