Article Introspection

After taking a few shots off the bow of Young Adult Fiction – perhaps a bit underhandedly – I reviewed the handful of previous articles and realized that I am disappointed with them.

Not with the content – I am confident that discussing the meteoric rise of YA into the commercial success stratosphere is both thought-provoking and relevant – but more so with the quality of the writing.

This lends itself to the hard truth that I am not very skilled at article writing, or non-fiction, journalistic writing. It’s entirely possible that I’m terrible at storytelling as well, being that every story I write gets rejected, but let’s leave that where it lies for now.

I majored in English while at the University of Delaware, but it was of the business writing variety – a skillset that I believed would benefit my breaking into the publishing industry – I was wrong. Although creative writing was my passion – and continues to be – I forewent that route because I was convinced I wouldn’t be offered employment because of it – didn’t really matter.

Several friends and family suggested switching gears into journalism, but I was never drawn to it. “Not be able to just make it up?” I thought, “Screw that.”

Little did I know that journalism includes plenty of just “making it up”. Not to mention that few people land in an industry as dictated by their degree.

But I didn’t foresee my proprietorship of a literary blog in which I would be forced to produce somewhat journalistic pieces on a consistent (inconsistent, really) basis. Yet although my articles may be lacking in depth and versatility, I see them as opportunities for growing my writing skills. The same way that I utilize Fable – Fiction – Fairytale to twist around ideas and styles of fiction.

So here I am to preemptively ask for your forgiveness should an article not be up to blogosphere standards – if any of those exist. And although you may not have questioned the quality of my previous entries, I am a stickler when it comes to my own work and will strive to not suck all the time.

Just every now and then. And on Tuesdays.

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