Post Hurricane Sandy

Well, that was a bitch.

Hurricane Sandy stormed the gates of New Jersey and New York with unprecedented fury and damn-near tore both states down; recovery efforts continue, with power and heat still missing from hundreds of thousands of people.

I was one of the lucky few to escape without losing power; but my car was less lucky, having been fee-fi-foe-fum-ed by a mighty tree:

It looks much more horrific than the actual damage, which was a dented quarter panel and a creased trunk; but this did warrant a use of the chainsaw, and I do suggest picking one up because they are so choice.

The worst aftereffect was the lack of cable and internet, which was the reason I haven’t been able to update since before Halloween – the holiday itself was altogether cancelled in a majority of New Jersey and New York towns for a second consecutive year.

I have every intention of continuing with the 15 Days of Halloween and finishing them proper; as you can also see, I’ve switched to a much sleeker and, hopefully, user-friendly theme. I will also be publishing a personal account of Hurricane Sandy and her aftermath.

For now, I wanted to send up a signal flare to alert you to my being alive, as well as remind you that you can donate to Hurricane Sandy victims – many of whose homes were destroyed and are still displaced two weeks after this natural disaster.

The American Red Cross and the Salvation Army are both accepting donations of any size to help those who need it most. Even if you can only give a little, it’s still a whole lot.

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