2012 Numbers & Figures


As many of you who operate within the confines of WordPress are aware, the back-end monkeys, gnomes, hamsters, and various other creatures of fantastical lore provide me with a statistical breakdown of 2012 and its notable takeaways.

The same was provided for 2011; and, several pages and posts have repeated as the most popular on Werewolves & Shotglasses:

  • Gatsby’s Corner - swallowed up the top three spots; everyone is greedy for information on Californication and Celestial Eyes

There was a considerable uptick in visitors, which gave me a slight victorious orgasm. 6,900 visitors came through these digital doors – while only 1,600 visited in 2011.

I will be outlining some coming changes and resolutions in the next post – or second, or third, or fourth post – I swear it’s coming, eventually. But for now, if you’re wholly interested how you helped shape this slice of absurdity, check out the link below for the full report.

Click here to see the complete report.

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