Fable – Fiction – Fairytale: What I Know

Two Party for Two

I’ve been fighting myself for too long
Fighting myself to right this wrong
Fighting so long I couldn’t fight for you
Even when you asked me to

So I’m sitting here at this piano
Playing the notes loud and low
But I’ll play them right and I’ll play them for you
Please just don’t mind my tune

I’ve drank myself into verses
A drunken mess of chorus and curses
And when I called to share every line
I fell asleep time after time

Just like the moon needs the sun to know to glow
The winter needs the rain to snow
And I need you so I can know
Which direction I should go

So I’m waiting here in some dream
Filled with colors of you and me
Of candied flowers that blow away
Where I’d give you daisies day after day

And I’ll tell you the only thing I know
Is I’m a fool for letting you go
So strike me with a top hat and some tea
Because I’m waiting here
I’ll be waiting here

Until it’s just you and me

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