Aside from the fact that this title is furiously unimaginative – it’s a slow day in the humor department – “resolution” is by far the most accurate word for my 2013 aspirations.

While 2012 was akin to a year where Werewolves & Shotglasses was searching for its identity – although I”m uncertain if it has found it, or ever will for that matter – I expect 2013 to be one of transition. There are several directional thoughts in my mind, and I will be looking to bring many of them to fruition within the coming months. The site is constantly evolving, as I made note in a previous post, and I am rarely satisfied with layouts, themes, content, et al; so, this is an attempt at smoothing out some of those kinks.

Think of it as a game plan, a road map, a list of wishful thinking.

Fable – Fiction – Fairytale

Continue to grow this little sapling side dish.

There’s already a decent cache of flash fiction stories, including a poem, and I would like to have some sort of consistency in adding more. I haven’t fleshed out a schedule, but at least once a week would be terrific; yet, then again, scheduling is not something at which I excel for this website.

Short Stories

They’re coming.

I have a few in mind, which need to be tweaked and rewritten to meet my standards, and then I will be making them and future stories available. I haven’t decided whether or not I will charge for them. Several authors have had tremendous success in selling stories straight from their website, and my thought is to have most of the stories be marked as “Pay What You Want”. I will disclose as much information as possible about the story as well as an excerpt so you can decide whether or not you’d like to give the whole thing a try.

I’m not looking to bank thousands of dollars on this system, but every dollar does help to pay for the website. It also gets my stories out there to you, which is the most exciting part of it all. I don’t write them so they can stay in my drawer.

Website Name Change

I’ve bounced this back and forth, even stating that I wouldn’t change the name.

It continues to gnaw at the back of my mind, so I can’t completely put this to rest. No solid plans as of now, but I may diddle with new names and themes behind the scenes until I discover a worthy replacement moniker.

Actually Begin Writing a Manuscript

Crazy, I know.

Find a Proper Theme and Layout

This poor, abused, dirty, tramp of a website has seen more changes than the New York Jets roster.

Not quite on purpose, but never really without some sort of temporary feeling either. Each new background and foreground and typeface and widget is more like an experiment than a permanent fixture. This website seems more and more like a renter’s pay-by-week with every tweak. Hopefully I can instill some sort of permanence in the coming months.

Grow the Community

I want to make a concentrated effort to reach out farther with social media and create better conversation, community, and comraderie on Werewolves & Shotglasses. I haven’t a slice of thought on how I’m going to achieve this – I’m always open to suggestions – but I would like to expand, to grow within the writing world.

Not all of these will be accomplished.

Some will linger in the back of my mind, others will grow tall, and some will wither and some will burn. But time does not reward those who simply linger between its minutes, and those minutes are ours to pursue adventures that may ultimately fail, but will also allow us to tell our tales about those times that we strove to be more than what others thought us to be.


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