Sickness & Writing Monies

I’ve been a mess of late.

Between waking up with a neck strain that would rival the seat of Honey Boo Boo and catching the germ goblin that has been tinkering about the office, I have been properly useless. In turn, this hasn’t allowed for many updates – none at all really – nor have I been writing, fidgeting with a new hosting site, or adding any sort of witty repartee to these pages. We’re all deflated and disappointed by that, I know.

I could blame the weather – January is quite the tart and February is so terrible that they only gave it 28 days – or I could throw work under the bus – taking on more responsibility like the workhorse I am – or perhaps that I have been prepping for a move. But none of those are really the answer, procrastination and pure old laziness are the major contributors.

So there is no interesting information on my front, but in an attempt to relay information that would best inform any aspiring writer as to how much money you would really be making should you put print to pulp, Mur Lafferty breaks down the truth of the matter in her article.

Be forewarned: the article may shatter some dreams, it does not sugar coat the reality that becoming a successful writer who does not need to hold down a full-time job is extremely difficult. And even if you reach a 6-figure deal, the monies aren’t as glorious as the pure figures sound.

But it would totally behoove you to take a gander at the article, especially if you’re thinking that it only takes one book to quit your day job and tell your boss to spin on their luxury sized penetrator.

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