One Foot In The Grave

Although I’ve been missing in considerable action in the past 30 days, I haven’t forgotten about this quaint corner of the interwebs.

I’ve secured hosting for a new incarnation of this site, whose fate has yet to be decided by the gambling gods within my mind, and also a fresh template that I am discovering is not as simple and straightforward as its designer promised it would be; it would help if the instructions weren’t written in Croatian English. I’ll put that in the designer’s comment box. The new site even has a name, which was confirmed by the creepiest voicemail in memory, one of those “watching me while I sleep” messages. But yes, we have a name, despite the site itself looking like Dresden after the firebombings.

The other reason for my prolonged absence has been my having one foot in the grave. February was a mess of terrible weather, strep throat, amoxicillin, muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatories, and a bucketful of cough syrup. I fully expected March to erase the shortcomings of February, yet we were crushed with more snow and I was closet-banged by a stretch of exhaustion from which I’m still attempting to recover.

But personal complaining aside, I hope to have the new site – if my Croatian holds up – live by the end of the month. I commend whomever the hell continues to visit because I’m getting decent numbers for 30 days without a single post.

Let’s all thank Celestial Eyes and Californication for that.



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