Cycle Breaking

I’m attempting to break the cycle of not posting; so, here we go.

I had extravagant plans for the new domain that I built out – midgets riding unicycles, fire swallowing trolls, ringmasters dressed in black winged helmets, ping pong playing plank-legged pirates, and an entire bacchanalia of angels, demons, and in-betweens – but I hit a snag and decided to transform it into something entirely different than originally imagined.

What is that? I haven’t a clue; well, that’s a lie. I have a clue, but not a design nor a vision. But if I keep drinking this black whisky, an imaginative sensation is bound to spill from my mind.

I’ve also decided to keep Werewolves & Shotglasses operational – yes, WordPress, I see your “RENEW NOW! PAY HERE!” link – and I will be making some twinks and tweaks moving forward; big surprise, I know.

So what’s in store? Removing a few pages that I feel clutter the space. Adding a new page of ongoing episodes concerning my brotastic neighbors. Revamping the Gatsby & Californication sections as they tend to be the most popular; you speak, I listen, man of the people.

I’m sure I’ll change my mind as I move along – I always do – but I’m excited to get this all going again. I’ve been absent for too long and need to pump life back into this baby.

Let’s kick the tires and light the fires.

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