Search Results From A Cam Girl

I’ve been nursing what some call a cold, others acute bronchitis, and others still, black death coughing syndrome – thank goodness I’ve stockpiled all of those “God bless yous” throughout the years.

With that, I haven’t been entirely productive in my NanoWrimo-ing, updated posts (minus Fairytale Shattered), or life in general. But I noticed a tremendous uptick in visitors these past few days, which I attribute to either my FANTASTICAL writing, or the fact that Alicia Liow was the top search result. I’m going with the latter, and let me tell you about peoples’ disappointment when they didn’t find Alicia on Werewolves & Shotglasses.

Why is that, you ask?

Well, Alicia is a cam girl and Malaysian and mighty fine looking. I am none of those things, not that I’m aware of anyway.

*Sexy look*

How about now?


I can tell you that I do know Alicia – she’s a terrific person and a total nerd, she plays Diablo 3 on the regular – albeit you can’t generally tell while she is crisscrossed in leather and lace and making grown men squeal.

If I were a politician, I’d have to explain why I am friends with a cam girl, which, aside from the fact that I don’t judge people by their professions, is a laughable question.

And for those of you keeping score at home – no, I didn’t meet her in the cam chat, I knew her before she went all pink lipstick and hip-hugging corsets.

All of this leads me to the simple truth that, besides search results from a cam girl drive significant volume, we should never judge people, places, thoughts, beliefs, or otherwise by our initial mind spark, that flash of mental sulfur which pigeonholes much too often.

Our judgment becomes misplaced due to social “norms” that are ever changing, evolving, and reinventing themselves and us, which means that we should never hold anything to them because they will eventually change. The loudest social cry in the United States is currently gay marriage and social equality, and twenty years from now our children will ask, “What was the big deal?”

Few things stand the test of time – books, architecture, cockroaches – but society and its dynamics do not, so we shouldn’t harp or fret, but hark and harbor hope for a day where social “norms” are defined by the fact that there are no social “norms”.

There are only people, and we are all different; like snowflakes, and who can hate a snowflake?


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