Ninja GregI was four-years old in that photograph; little has changed except that now when I wear that outfit in public places I am asked to leave.

I studied English (of the editorial variety) at the University of Delaware; there I was a cog in the Tau Epsilon Phi Fraternity and I learned that downloading music illegally is frowned upon by the University.

I am a New Jersey native and currently reside in the state; I do not condone fist-pumping nor large hoop earrings nor blow-outs. I attended Don Bosco Prep High School (alma mater of Green Bay Packer Ryan Grant) and played ice hockey for the school as well as for several club teams (I even played with Ottawa Senator Jason Spezza), and I am terrible at almost every other sport.

I write stories populated with magic, noir, and the unexplainable. I have more pages of ideas than I do of actual story, and I have a nasty habit of being quite desultory.

I wish I could draw with more aptitude than the bow-legged stick figures I produce. I wish I could write a piece of fiction without changing my mind about the plot halfway through.

I have some pretty sweet kicks in the form of pumpkin-colored shoes and classic Chuck Taylor’s.

Expert boondoggler and iconoclast extraordinaire.

This, much like myself, will undoubtedly be a work in progress.

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