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Episode Eleven – Blues From Laurel Canyon

Who’s Who At This Point

  • Hank Moody = Nick Carraway
  • Lew Ashby = Jay Gatsby
  • Janie Jones = Daisy Buchanan
  • Trixie = Jordan Baker
  • Ron Jones = Tom Buchanan
Parallelisms & References
  • When Lew speaks to Becca in the bathroom (after Damien has cheated on her) he tells her, “It’s going to take that dude fifteen years for him to realize what he’s missing.” – This is Lew viewing the situation as a mini-version of himself and Janie Jones, understanding that it takes time to realize one’s mistake, and Lew knows that money and fame will not necessarily remedy it.
  • The confrontation between Runkle, Daisy, and Marcy in Lew’s mansion is similar to Chapter Six of Gatsby where Tom and Daisy attend Gatsby’s party, only to ruin it with an argument. Karen remarks, “It was a truly disastrous party.” – Foreshadowing what is to be the final party at Lew’s, just as it was Gatsby’s.
  • When Annika from Rolling Stone accuses Hank of being the ‘older man’ in Fucking and Punching, Lew convinces her that he is actually the ‘older man’ – This can be viewed as a connection to George Wilson coming to believe that Gatsby, not Daisy, was responsible for Myrtle’s death.
    • Note: This plot point makes me wonder if Tom Kapinos had a different ending in mind. Possibly where Bill learns that Mia’s ‘older man’ is Lew, despite it really being Hank, and kills Lew before killing himself, thus creating an extremely strong link to the ending of Gatsby.
  • When Janie arrives at the house Hank tells her, “…look around, lady. All of this is for you, all of it; the crazy fuckin’ house, the party…” – A parallel between Lew and Gatsby, both throwing lavish parties to garner the attention of their lost loves
  • Janie remarks, “This house looks awful. It looks like somebody died here.” – Foreshadowing Lew’s death; similarly, Gatsby’s death is foreshadowed when he notifies his gardener that he does not want him to close the pool because he has not had a chance to swim in it all summer. Gatsby is then found dead in his pool.
Cultural References
  • After firing the shotgun, Hank says, “What we have here is a failure to communicate.” – mimicking the famous line from the movie ‘Cool Hand Luke’.
  • Mia tells Hank, “It’s not like they’re gonna have you go live in France with Roman Polanski.” – Director Roman Polanski has lived in France since 1977 to avoid sentencing in the United States after pleading guilty to unlawful sex with a 13-year old girl.
  • Hank mentions that Runkle has never seen ‘Star 80′ – a film depicting the murder of Playboy Playmate Dorothy Stratten by her estranged husband.
  • Hank asks Ronnie Praeger, “What is next for you? A cockwork orange? Or 2069: A Sit On My Cock Odyssey?” – Parodying both ‘A Clockwork Orange’ and ’2001: A Space Odyssey’, respectively.
  • When Janie arrives at Lew’s, Hank responds to her with, “Memories; misty water colored ones.” – Referencing lyrics from Barbara Streisand’s ‘The Way We Were’.

Episode Twelve

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