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Episode One – Slip of the Tongue

Who’s Who At This Point

  • Hank Moody = Nick Carraway
  • Lew Ashby = Jay Gatsby (although he is not named in Episode One)

Parallelisms & References

  • Lew Ashby and Jay Gatsby are similar in spelling, word count, and sound. The spelling of Lew is a possible reference to ‘Lewd’, which precisely describes his personality and actions throughout Season Two.
  • Although learned in Season One, Hank Moody has traveled from New York City to Los Angeles in order to further his career (most notably because his novel, God Hates Us All, was being adapted into a movie). Nick Carraway traveled to New York in order to learn the bond business. Both have crossed the country, albeit in opposite directions, with the purpose of career advancement.
  • Hank attends a lavish, elaborate party at a mansion in Laurel Canyon, extremely similar to those of Gatsby’s. Hank is not invited by the host, Ashby, but by Sonja and Julian; a direct link to the fact that partygoers at Gatsby’s house were rarely invited, they just showed up through second and third hand connections. Hank does not know whose party it is, nor does anyone mention the host’s identity. Laurel Canyon is well-known for the celebrities (specifically, actors) who live there; they can be considered “new rich” due to the fact that their wealth is recently obtained. Also, Laurel Canyon is west/northwest of Los Angeles, cementing the truth that it is representing “West Egg”.
  • Much like in The Great Gatsby, Hank and Lew first interact without exchanging any personal information. It is only in Episode Two that both characters officially meet. Although in Gatsby, Nick and Gatsby introduce themselves the same night in which they meet, albeit after a lengthy conversation in which they are seated beside one another.
  • The last scene of Episode One, in which Hank is pulled-over by a police officer, is a loose reference to Owl Eyes, who crashes his car while drunk. Although the depictions of the incidents in Gatsby and Californication are vastly different, there are commonalities: Owl Eyes is driving with a passenger (Hank and Karen) and Owl Eyes denies blame of the crash (Hank does the same with the “cunnilingus switcheroo”).
Cultural References
  • Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy is Mia’s guitar-playing boy toy.
  • Julian, author of The Artist Within, is a portmanteau-parody of  Rhonda Byrne (author of The Secret) and director/artist Julian Schnabel. While Julian’s belief  that “everyone has an artist within”, which enables them to succeed by simply channeling that ‘artist’, is an underhanded salute to Byrne’s self-help book, his personal traits (first name, facial hair style, and personality) are takeoffs of Schnabel. Hank even remarks to Julian “…everyone has an inner Schnabel, if you will.”

Episode Two

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