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Episode Seven – In a Lonely Place

Who’s Who At This Point

  • Hank Moody = Nick Carraway
  • Lew Ashby = Jay Gatsby
  • Janie Jones = Daisy Buchanan
  • Trixie = Jordan Baker
  • Janie’s Husband = Tom Buchanan
Parallelisms & References
  • Lou tells Hank, “It’s been a long time since I had me a friend” – a parallel to the relationship between Nick and Gatsby, in which Nick becomes one of the few people whom Gatsby trusts, and Nick is one of the few who cares about Gatsby as person, not just about his parties and persona.
  • It is revealed that Janie’s last name is Jones, which touches upon several parallels and references:
    • It is a reference to the famous phrase, “Keeping up with the Joneses”, an idiom meaning that neighbors use one another as social/economical benchmarks, constantly in competition with one another to be “superior”.
      • This segues into referencing Gatsby and Lew. They both believed that they needed money and material-objects to win Daisy/Janie back, using their neighbors/counterparts as barometers. Thus, they are both attempting to “keep up with the Joneses”.
      • The phrase also lends itself to maintaining Daisy/Janie as an object/dream to be “won” or “obtained” by Gatsby/Lew, yet both are struggling to do so, which parallels reality in that a neighbor may put himself in dire social/economic straits (just like Gatsby/Lew) in order to “keep up with the Joneses.”
    • Side Tangent: David Duchovny stars in the movie “The Joneses”, which deals with similar themes as those in the idiom and Gatsby.
  • Janie Jones is a reference to the Clash song “Janie Jones”, which is about a man who is in love with “rock ‘n’ roll…getting stoned…and Janie Jones” – essentially describing Lew.
  • Lew gives Hank a guitar played by Kurt Cobain because Hank is angry about his sleeping with Mia. It is a payoff of sorts, an apology in material form because Lew has such difficulty expressing his emotions that he does the only thing he believes “fixes” problems, which is give money or gifts, just like he believes money and fame will “fix” his relationship with Janie. This parallels Gatsby’s belief that money and material possessions will “win” back Daisy.
  • Becca tells Hank, “If you keep…taking another drink and pretending that life is one big, stupid party, you will miss everything.” – referencing Gatsby’s parties, which are laden with drinking and celebrate a cavalier attitude toward life.
Cultural References
  • The episode’s title is a reference to the film “In a Lonely Place”.
  • Hank says, “We are down the rabbit hole…” – a reference to “Alice in Wonderland”.
  • Karen calls Ashby’s mansion, “a den of iniquities”, meaning “a den of wickedness/sin”.
  • Runkle is called “Perry Mason” when he mentions that Daisy’s contract will “…never hold up in court.” – Perry Mason was the main character of a series of detective novels by Erle Stanley Gardner.

Episode Eight

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