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Episode Six – Coke Dick and First Kick

Who’s Who At This Point

  • Hank Moody = Nick Carraway
  • Lew Ashby = Jay Gatsby
  • Janie Jones = Daisy Buchanan
  • Trixie = Jordan Baker
  • Janie’s Husband = Tom Buchanan
Parallelisms & References
  • The episode’s opening scene has Hank meeting Janie’s husband, a hostile, crass, and pretentious man who is a reference to Daisy’s husband, Tom Buchanan.
  • Annika Staley of Rolling Stone may be a reference to the reporter who connects Nick in the beginning of Gatsby’s Chapter Six, asking, “If he had anything to say?”
  • While discussing Lew with Janie, Hank asks, “…and the girl [in Lew's story]?” to which Janie replies, “A figment of his imagination.” – referencing the romanticism that Gatsby has placed upon Daisy, just as Lew has with Janie.
  • Janie comments about Lew’s biography, stating to Hank that he should, “…print the legend, that’s what people want to read, right? One long, rock ‘n’ roll bacchanalia where the music never ends…” – summarizing Gatsby’s parties and his publicly perceived image.
  • During the conversation between Daisy and Runkle, Daisy says, “You got me this close to my dreams…what if I suck?”, fearing that she will not be able to obtain her dreams despite being “…this close…”, which not only references a reoccurring theme within Gatsby, but also its famous line, “…his dream must have seemed so close that he could hardly fail to grasp it.”
Cultural References
  • Ronnie asks Runkle, “Does this look like Chatsworth?” – Chatsworth, California is a city where many of the adult-film companies and distributors are headquartered.
  • Runkle tells Marci, “You can no, no, no all you want, Ms. Winehouse.” – referencing Amy Winehouse’s infamous drug addiction and her song, “Rehab”.
  • Hanks says to Becca and Mia, “Ah, the sisterhood of the traveling flannel.” – referring to the book series “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” and the well-known flannel skirts of Catholic schools.
  • A ‘stunt cock’ is used in porn during close-ups when the leading actor cannot maintain an erection.
  • Marcy tells Runkle that she doesn’t want to “…live in Park Labrea and eat cat food when I’m older.” – Park Labrea is a sprawling apartment complex in Los Angeles and is considered a derogatory reference.
  • Runkle says to Ronnie, “Let’s see your Hitchcock.” – referencing famed director Alfred Hitchcock.
  • Marcy tells Runkle to “Get in there and drive miss Daisy.” – referring to Daisy, but also the film “Driving Miss Daisy”.
  • Becca is playing Elton John’s “Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters” while at Lew’s – the song is a ballad aimed at New York City, Hank’s mecca.
  • Ronnie congratulates Runkle with “That’ll do Runkle, that’ll do.” – referencing the last line from the film “Babe”.
  • Marcy says about Runkle’s penis, “There’s the porcelain monkey I know and love.” – referencing the Warren Zevon song “Porcelain Monkey”, one of many Warren Zevon references in Californication.

Episode Seven

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